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LastBreach UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

LastBreach is a security company founded in 2015 in Munich, Germany and dedicated to deliver security services that keep your assets safe and supports your business.

Security has a bad reputation for getting in the way of business. Projects can’t go in production because security requirements are not met, employees feel they have to work around security policies, the assigned budget seems to just flow into nowhere and the security department struggles to manage it all.

We have made it our goal to tailor and deliver security services to our customers that secure important assets while keeping morale high and projects running. To that end, all of our employees are regularly trained in security practices. This allows us to tap into security views from all departments and identify problems that our competitors are not aware of and that are left for customers to discover and deal with. This synergy between technical, management and other employees, allows us to develop solutions that don’t interfere with everyday business workflows.

Member of the German Alliance for Cyber-Security LogoLastBreach is also actively engaged in the security community, and regularly works with open source projects to improve security of free software and is a member of the "German Alliance for Cyber-Security". You can find us on conferences, security meetups and of course on social media platforms such as XING, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and Facebook.

Frederic Mohr

ceo-avatar CTO & IT Security Consultant

image-of-the-company-founder As a security consultant who is at home in both the offensive, as well as defensive side of security, the system administrator by trade sparked his first interest in information technology at the age of 12, when presented with spare parts to the request for his own PC. Following its assembly and the repeatedly tinkering with the hardware, he always looked to test the boundaries of systems and software and developed a liking for Linux and old IBM machines. Early on in his training to become a sysadmin, his urge to solve complex problems led him to take care of the company's security, which would later become his first full time job in the field. Always on the lookout for new challenges and striving to find the best solutions thereof, his interest in ethical hacking grew and led him to walk the line between the two, taking the best from both worlds.

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Reach out to us by using the contact form, via email or by calling us at +49 (0)89 3078 4343.