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Our passion for testing and defending infrastructures, applications and companies often leads us to the point where we want to share our thoughts and experience with the world. Here you can read all about our exploits and research and enjoy our posts, from useful howtos, to published CVEs, management strategies, new exciting tools and much more. As a provider of offensive and defensive IT services, we always welcome readers to reach out to us and ask questions or provide feedback, be it about our blog or our services, which include web-application and network penetration tests, system defense and hardening and management consulting, among others.

A few days ago, the TLS certificate (SSL is dead, remember?) of my private blog expired without me noticing it, mostly because I paused any activities there to focus on my work here at LastBreach as well as this blog. Since I didn't intend on working on

This is a quick overview of a secure Apache2 configuration. We won’t be going into Linux hardening, but will focus instead on the basic configuration options of Apache2. The following code boxes show examples of a secure configuration. Please adjust them to your requirements and test each of them be...