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Our consultants have experience in IT security from both a technical and a management perspective, allowing them to build the bridge between managers and tech teams and focus on the important aspects without getting lost in the details. IT Security does not have to be a budget eating monster, even if compliance with standards like ISO 27001 is required. We can help you to develop your personal information security management system (ISMS), integrate your tailored processes and take care of the technical and functional realization with penetration testing and defense measures.

Don't secure everything, secure your business.

IT Security requires effort on both sides, IT and management, but only solid decisions by project leaders can lead to successful measures that support the business and don't stand in the way of the daily work routine. Therefor our security consulting focuses on a customer tailored concept which still enable a holistic result for a lightweight but efficient solution.

Keinen Plan? Ein durchdachtes Sicherheitskonzept ist die wichtigste Grundlage für Ihre Unternehmenssicherheit.

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IT Security is often found at home in the IT department, but it really is a management responsibility. While many, if not most of the required tasks can be delegated to technical teams or team leads, the responsibility lies with the higher management, if not with the C-level, to delegate the tasks properly and monitor their progress. Another key factor is also to tell your employees how to react in various situations. Defining the right processes and playbooks should be as well an objective as delivering a tailored training to enable your staff for a proactive approach to security.

In order to be effective, any security strategy requires solid top down decisions.

The following corner stones of security management must be considered, in order to successfully introduce proactive security into your environment.



The decision makers need to be aware of the threats and required counter measures to lead the technical teams in the right direction and to give the staff an applicable security frame for interaction, to discover vulnerabilities and strengthen the defense accordingly.



Based on the IT security strategy, managers can delegate the tasks to teams with clear instructions and a good idea of the expected results. Defined processes and playbooks help to reach the expected result.



Completed security changes should be revisited after a few months in order to verify their results and return on investment. To keep an overview, continuous monitoring of KPIs should be introduced and utilized to identify any required adjustments.

These are only the corner stones of security aware management. Our consultants can help you develop a full IT security strategy with a detailed plan of action.

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